Machine Translation Consultancy

If you translate over 100,000 words in a year into a specific domain, we recommend you to consider the possibility of adopting and growing your own machine translation technology. You probably own enough data to create your own language model and train a specific engine. All you need is machine translation consultancy.

You may think this is an expensive development exercise compared to standard CAT or out-of-the-box rule-based systems. It needn’t be.

Consider the hidden costs and known inefficiencies of CAT solutions:

  • Production will always be dependant on TM matches and similarities.
  • No quick turn-around, not even for gisting.
  • Human production limit.
  • Built-in translator-dependent inefficiencies (typing, thinking, terminology researching).
  • License costs.
  • 3rd party technological dependency.


  • An MT system can provide results where a TM/CAT tool gives out 0% match (and you end up paying for a new translation).
  • Higher “per capita” language output as a result of fast initial output and post-editing.
  • No human time wasted typing translations.
  • No human time wasted thinking translations.
  • Human time spent in improving translations.
  • Much higher per capita production.
  • One-time fee: you will own your customized system. Engine updates are simple and cost very little in terms of time and money. We can train your own personnel (at computer programmer’s level) to re-train the engine or re-train it for a very small fee.

In our experience, old CAT tools have been converted into post-editing tools, leveraging TM results that are combined with MT input.

Rule-based systems may be suitable for applications with very specific and controlled language, in language combinations that are not too remote and where analogies can be drawn. Rule-based systems are most beneficial when you can establish A = B equivalents. They are not recommended in applications where a certain degree of flexibility is required or in mixed environments.

Please ask our consultancy team for a details, necessary data and a quote.

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