Language Pairs in Our Machine Translation System

With PangeaMT, you have access to the broadest range of language pairs and domains in the industry. Multiple document formats are supported by our PangeaBox, API and plugins working with state-of-the-art natural language processing and deep learning, producing hybrid machine translation based on deep neural and statistical machine translation.

More than 550 Language Pairs

As of  2018, PangeaMT supports over 550 direct language pairs: European languages, Asian languages and Semitic languages (Arabic, Hebrew and Maltese). We are constantly mining and gathering data for our clients and thus additional language combinations and domains are under development. Our coverage represents more direct language pairs than any other machine translation software or product in the market.

This list provides the currently available and planned language pairs. All these combinations are from English and many other popular language combinations are also direct (French/Spanish, German /French, Spanish/Russian, Dutch/French, Arabic/French, etc.) Please contact our sales team at

We are very competitive when it comes to building engines to be deployed at the client’s premises (on-prem). We charge very competitive pricing if you wish us to custom-build your engine for your private use.  Only Thai and Turkish are a little more expensive (€8,500). We operate well below similar offerings in the market as our R&D team has been able to gather resources since 2008 that are stored in a large central database called ActivaTM. This database has been chosen by the European Union for deployment at Member State level and General Translation Service to store translated sentences, run fuzzy analysis and recall previously translated matches. We tag and categorize groups of sentences and build corpora that is related to your field of application (litigation, dialogue, financial, reporting, etc.).

Starting from this set of ready-built baseline engines, we improve and re-train for each particular scenario when on-premise delivery is necessary. In reality, no two engines are alike.

Pangea engines carry a perpetual license with no translation limit and a low maintenance fee (discounts are available for order over 4 engines and 10 engines). The option to “hire” engines for a certain period of time either in our infrastructure or yours is also possible. You can translate as much as you need, company-wide, query translation via API or ask for documents to be fully translated using PangeaBox. Our engines are all state-of-the-art neural engines containing general language which we prune and add your own material, prioritizing your vocabulary, style and expressions. The engines are trained in high-performance GPU servers, then exported to CPU so hosting is affordable and easy to deploy. We use docker containers to ease installation – all with its own translation API so you can deploy MT throughout the whole of your organization, no matter what location and run your own MT environment with complete control and security.


Supported languages include:

Arabic English UK Italian Russian
Bahasa Indonesia English US Japanese Slovak
Bahasa Malay Estonian Korean Slovene
Bengali Farsi Latvian Spanish (European)
Burmese/Myanmar Finnish Lithuanian Spanish (Latin American)
Cambodian/Khmer French Maltese Swahili
Catalan German Nepali Swedish
Catalan-Valencian Greek Norwegian Tagalog (Filipino)
Chinese (Simplified) Gujarati Polish Tamil
Chinese (Traditional) Hebrew Portuguese (European) Thai
Czech Hindi Portuguese (Brazilian) Turkish
Danish Hungarian Punjabi Urdu
Dutch Irish Romanian Vietnamese