Q7 – What is the ROI on an MT engine?

Engines typically pay for themselves before the first year of operation. PangeaMT’s mission is to bring democracy to the machine translation world and make the technology affordable and usable for as many users as possible. The cost of engine has become extremely affordable. Thus, early adopters are benefiting more as their systems can reach maturity levels faster. This, in turn, means savings and the possibility to automate processes in more languages and domains.

The following graph shows the cost of translating 750k new words with a CAT tool at 11c. Two biannual software upgrades have been calculated.

SMT = cost of customized training (year 1), 2 yearly updates and 750k new words at 60% of translation rate. “Protection Plan” from year 2.*

* Includes in-line parser

 CAT translation costs 750k new words p.a.SMT + training + upgrade + PE 750k
Year 182,50043,912.5
Year 2  (soft upgrade)85,50022,207.5
Year 382,50021,352.5
Year 4  (soft upgrade)85.50021.352,5
Year 582,50021,352.5