Our team will be busy next week at the Artificial Intelligence EXPO in Tokyo, introducing our natural language processing technologies that can enhance AI processes.

“This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the NLP technologies within our ecosystem that are changing the way companies process information” said CEO Manuel Herranz.
“We are providing affordable, state-of-the-art NLP technologies in Europe for the Legaltech and Fintech areas, two classic areas. From intelligent document domain classification, to machine translation or summarization, financial institutions and legal firms in the EU are becoming more and more efficient. We now have the opportunity to link with large Japanese firms and collaborate with the best-of-class Japanese AI and enhance it with our massive amounts of Big Data”.
Amando Estela, Pangea Machine Technologies’ CTO will join Manuel in Tokyo for the week-long event. “The Japanese industry had been slowly lagging in some areas over the last few decades, due to financial crisis and deflations. However, there are some amazing developments in robotics and the automotive areas where NLP technologies can make a difference. Personal assistants, and a myriad more of applications for which we already have mature solutions in Europe, such as private machine translation for legal firms or corporations, data mining…. Our added value is the wealth of data we have accumulated over the last few years as part of our work for governments (EU, US) -this multilingual training data is extremely valuable for Japanese artificial intelligence companies that need to track, understand, and extract knowledge from foreign sources. We are really looking forward to this exciting event in Tokyo!”

About Alexandre

Alexandre joined Pangeanic in 2011 while still finishing his Master’s degree in applied machine translation. Alex attended the University of Alicante where he studied Technical Engineering in Computer Science, with major in pattern recognition. He majored in Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging during his Master’s Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he was also involved in the development of the first version of PangeaMT back in 2010.He is a specialist in Machine Translation in distant languages, like Japanese-English, Chinese-English-Spanish. His daily duties include Research and Development and programming. He is also Pangeanic’s system administrator.In our team, Alex has been responsible for the technical aspects of the research implementation of EU’s EXPERT project at Pangeanic, including search-engine techniques based on Elastic Search in a massive database and hybrid MT + TM approaches.