Q13 – What do you mean your system is built in open standards? What is the difference with other models?

It means we support industry-wide standards that are not the property of any one company. We want to bring democracy to translation, and particularly, the MT world. Both have been dominated by technology proprietors with an acute eye for business, but facts plainly tell us there was little interest in the advancement of the industry.

With open standards, there are no expensive lock-ins, no expensive upgrades and updates. There will be a need to update your system with your post-edited material, yes, but this is the learning curve of the system. An engine pays for itself in saved translation fees before one year. An update with post-editing material is a fraction of that cost.

Once your development reaches maturity, there will be little need  for maintenance -unless you are a heavy duty corporate user with very specific requirements. You can then concentrate on producing more and more translated material, or consider the experience to create more customized engines.