Partly thanks to the overall success of Google Translate, many translators are looking at MT as an aid to translate, with no fears and more mind-openness. Google Translate´s main assets are ubiquity and language coverage but it is aimed at tackling general translations. PangeaMT engines, however, are domain-specific. This means a great advantage to freelance translators having to quickly react to assignments in domains they are not highly specialized in.
Integration of PangeaMT as an add-on feature in translation platforms is underway.
Freelance translators working vertically in an industry sector are teaming up and requesting PangeaMT solutions that help them become more empowered and productive in the eyes of their clients.

Elia Yuste, Business Development Manager at Pangeanic and co-responsible with Manuel Herranz for PangeaMT, Pangeanic’s Machine Translation division, delivered a presentation on 30th September 2010 under the auspices of the ProZ Virtual Conference that it could be of your interest: Empower yourself with Machine Translation! Check out our news entry where you can read the rationale behind it and get a link to the recording.</div>