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Machine translate documents in seconds with powerful neural networks in our private, secure cloud or your infrastructure. Summarize content. Find sentiment analysis.

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translate massive amounts of data, documents, audio. Summarize content

Summarize content, categorize and classify documents and keep the format of any document with PangeaBox

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Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Hybrid Neural Machine Translation:
on our Cloud or On-Premise in your infrastructure

PangeaMT: Natural Language Processing & Machine Translation Company

We build your engines


Our mission is to develop and transfer artificial intelligence and neural Machine Translation Technology to cognitive companies, institutions, translation professionals, and corporations. We are your artificial intelligence company specialized in machine translation, e-Discovery, summarization, audio transcription, sentiment analysis, etc. In fact, whatever your language processing needs, PangeaMT builds a solution to incorporate and improve language processes in your business. We will empower you to truly make Natural Language Processing work for you, extract knowledge, classify documentation by domains, create structured data, in any language.

Point us to relevant sources to collect material or use our vast linguistic resources to build your own neural machine translation solution, host it in our secure Cloud or your own servers. We will add state-of-the-art natural language processing technologies, clean data to establish a virtuous circle of machine learning, feedback and neural engine update and re-train. Yes, machine translation technologies can be integrated and embedded in your day-to-day activities and become part of your technology portfolio. With Pangea Machine Translation Company, you will find an AI solution based on natural language processing and machine learning that fits your needs.

Unlike other machine translation companies with heavy per-word pricing models, Pangea offers you the possibility of hosting your neural machine translation engines in our private and secure cloud or deploy them directly in your servers.  And all this with extremely powerful APIs and connection to popular CAT tools or on-line editing programs for review. Our machine translation systems can easily plug to third-party Content Management Systems.

“PangeaMT’s business model is disruptive. We create hybrid neural machine translation systems through Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Users can now pick ready-made, near-human quality neural machine translation engines or customize their own rather than being considered incapable of running their own technological decisions.”

Machine Translation

PangeaMT neural machine translation  solutions are very popular in the enterprise market.

We supply machine translation services to legal firms that require early data assessment in international litigation. Our PangeaBox app can translate documents, excel files, Powerpoint files, etc., from our cloud. We understand that banks, financial institutions, international institutions and consulting firms prefer to integrate machine translation in their infrastructure and translate documents within their intranet. Digital reputation monitoring is also a popular use of our machine translation services.

PangeaMT has the resources and knowledge to translate hundreds of million of words in record time.

Tourism, travel, hotel and hospitality companies, social media and advertising firms benefit from real-time translation from any language into the language they need to understand and measure for real-time client feedback satisfaction.

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    PangeaMT has developed full data anonymization services and proprietary, AI-based techniques that fully support GDPR.

    They also take into account the field of Privacy Preserving Data Publishing (PPDP). Anonymization is fast becoming a requirement at all types of companies that deal with personal data.

    The key idea in anonymization is to remove information identifying a person or data about that person from the published data, so no sensitive information can be attributed to a person. This is now a GDPR requirement for all European companies and companies worldwide dealing with European citizens’ data and applies to communications and publishing and release of data.

    The anonymization procedure is not limited to the removal of direct identifiers that might exist in a dataset, In a more aggressive approach, other data (secondary information like family relations, job description, etc.) could be used to identify a person and may require anonymization as well.


    Electronic Discovery (e-Discovery) techniques can find key concepts, information, words and even sentences or paragraphs from documentation so that key people, figures, facts, dates can be easily processed.

    e-Discovery refers to relevant data discovery such as legal proceedings in litigation, investigations, government, and other type of requests. It can only be financial information where key concepts need to be extracted. Typically, the information sought is in electronic format. OCR may be involved so e-Discovery can look for data in searchable text.

    e-Discovery can be combined with machine translation to obtain key information from documentation in other languages and extract information from mails, documents, legal acts. Key information in searched and produced in the user’s language.

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    Automatic summarization is the process whereby a text (page, paragraph, full document) is shortened and another document is created using machine learning software, in order to create a summary with the most relevant points of the original document.

    We develop technologies that can make a coherent summary of any text taking into account variables such as length, syntax, facts, figures, people as well as writing style, for example.

    Automatic data summarization is part of machine learning and data mining. The main goal of summarization is to find a subset of data which contains the “information” of the entire set. Similar techniques are widely used in industry today. Search engines are an example. Document summarization aims at creating an abstract or representative summary of the entire document, by finding the most informative sentences. Similar techniques can be utilized in image summarization by a software system to find the most representative and important images.

    Big data iot artificial intelligence (ai) technology everywhere smart city technology concept. Neural networks connect atoms and blur city people cross street Symbol of machine translation company

    PangeaMT is a privately-owned artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning and machine translation company that offers consulting, development and customization, and system integration.

    PangeaMT is a spin-off of Pangeanic translation company, which was created as a friendly buy-out from its Tokyo HQ in 2005. It has a strong focus on the Japanese market where publication needs to be fast, accurate and high levels of automation are expected to cope with large publishing volumes. Pangeanic has received several awards and large digital infrastructure EU contracts. It also works for US government agencies.

    The experience as translation professionals set the path for a strong research and development programs, training hundreds of statistical and neural machine translation engines, fully customized to client’s several companies’ terminology and expressions. The following natural step was to become a machine translation company with data-acquisition techniques, focused on cognitive industries where machine translation technology can make a difference and create new business streams.

    PangeaMT is a European leader in the implementation of independent, open source statistical translation automation solutions with a record of customized developments, as plug-ins to existing workflows or as stand-alone developments for a growing number of global companies.

    Who benefits from our machine translation approach?

    • Corporations within the Fintech, Insurtech and Legaltec fields
    • Content writers (faster publication)
    • eCommerce sites
    • Translation companies (LSPs)
    • Companies requiring fast access to translated content in a private setting

    Even if you translate just 100,000 words a year, you are a prime candidate to benefit from neural machine translation technology. PangeaMT can look after the hard work in data mining and collection in certain languages. We will even leverage and enhance your existing translation memories and add more content.

    As a machine translation company, PangeaMT brings together a team of professionals with expertise in computational linguistics, translation, artificial intelligence, content and knowledge management, deep learning, machine learning, pattern recognition and systems integration with the flexibility to adapt to your needs and guide you through each step.

    PangeaMT is based in Valencia, Spain. Our motto is a short quote from Virgil: Good is only achieved with the best. PangeaMT is a separate division from Pangeanic. It builds on the best statistical and neural machine translation technology and hybridation techniques that have been tested and applied by Pangeanic for its clients.


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