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Pangea Machine Translation Technology – We build your engines

Our mission is to develop and transfer Machine Translation Technology to translation professionals, users and practitioners. We want machine translation users to become engaged in the machine translation processes. Empowerment means including the ability to build, host and use your own machine translation technologies, clean learning data, retrain engines and integrate machine translation technology within your portfolio and day-to-day activities. Whether statistical or neural machine translation, you will find at solution based on machine learning that fits your needs.

Unlike other engine-building company with heavy per-word pricing models, PangeaMT offers a full system for engine creation and engine update, on-site training on customization and an extremely powerful API so that users can supply machine translation output and plug it to third-party Content Management Systems.

“PangeaMT’s business model is disruptive. We want to change the rules of the machine translation game that rules translation professionals so that users can customize their own tools rather than considering them uncapable of running their own technological decisions.”


PangeaMT solutions have been mainly geared at the enterprise market. This is a natural business evolution for us here at Pangeanic. Having had industry leaders as translation and localization clients for a long time, it is only normal to enlarge our service palette and now offer them customized MT solutions.


Providing MT services to this user segment is also very much logical given our history as a company here in Pangeanic and the way we have turned out to be machine translation technology developers as well. We did use and evaluate other providers´ MT products before we decided to devise and deploy our own technology. PangeaMT is therefore used in-house, especially for a number of domains, language pairs and long-standing clients. This has enabled us to understand how PangeaMT developments can better help other LSPs.


Institutions such as governments and agencies are also embracing MT for internal and external communication to a larger extent than never before. We are not just talking about supranational, macro-institutions with a relatively well-established tradition of MT deployment, but also about national, regional and local institutions with content that has to be processed in 2 or more languages.


Partly thanks to the overall success of Google Translate, many translators are looking at MT as an aid to translate, with no fears and more mind-openness. Google Translate´s main assets are ubiquity and language coverage but it is aimed at tackling general translations. PangeaMT engines, however, are domain-specific. This means a great advantage to freelance translators having to quickly react to assignments in domains they are not highly specialized in.

The company is privately owned and offers both consulting and system integration. It is a spin-off of Pangeanic, an LSP with a strong focus on the Japanese market where publication needs to be fast, accurate and be able to cope with large volumes. Starting from this experience, we trained hundreds of machine translation engines and customized to client’s several companies’ terminology and expressions. The following natural step was to offer machine translation technology as a whole environment which you can use to create new business streams.

PangeaMT is a European leader in the implementation of independent, open source statistical translation automation solutions with a record of customized developments, as plug-ins to existing workflows or as stand-alone developments for a growing number of global companies.


Who benefits from our machine translation approach?

  • Corporations,
  • Content writers (faster publication)
  • eCommerce sites
  • LSPs
  • Companies requiring fast access to translated content in a private setting

Even if you translate just 100,000 words a year, you are a prime candidate to benefit from the technology. PangeaMT can look after the hard work in data mining and collection in certain languages. We will even leverage and enhance your existing TMs and add more content.

PangeaMT brings together a team of professionals with expertise in computational linguistics, translation, content and knowledge management, with the flexibility to adapt to your needs and guide you through each step.

PangeaMT is based in Valencia, Spain. Our motto is a short quote from Virgil: Good is only achieved with the best. PangeaMT is a separate division from Pangeanic. It builds on the best Statistical Machine Translation technology and hybridation techniques that have been tested and applied by Pangeanic for its clients.